Welcome to penaltyblog!

The penaltyblog Python package contains lots of useful code from http://pena.lt/y/blog for working with football (soccer) data.

penaltyblog includes functions for:

  • Scraping football data from sources such as football-data.co.uk, ESPN, Club Elo, Understat and Fantasy Premier League

  • Modelling of football matches using Poisson-based models, such as Dixon and Coles

  • Predicting probabilities for many betting markets, e.g. Asian handicaps, over/under, total goals etc

  • Modelling football team’s abilities using Massey ratings, Colley ratings and Elo ratings

  • Estimating the implied odds from bookmaker’s odds by removing the overround using multiple different methods

  • Backtesting betting strategies

  • Mathematically optimising your fantasy football team by formation, budget etc


pip install penaltyblog